Payday Loan Consolidation: Personal Loans Transfer of the Fifth

Payday loan consolidation help


 The right loan for you is our corporate mission, which means that all our efforts are focused on getting you the financing that is tailor-made for you just like a suit that suits you.

That the installment is not too high so that you can always pay it in order not to incur reporting to the end-to-end knowledge company and in credit information databases

Your Projects

That the amount of the loan allows you to use that money to realize all the projects you have in mind, both for yourself and for your family

Less problems

Do whatever is in our power to evitar you any kind of problems and bureaucratic hassles because we try to solve everything ourselves

We listen to you

We LISTEN to you: you are not a number for us, a cold sale or production or a chicken to pluck, you are for us: with your dreams, your ideas to realize, your sudden expenses, your family, your lifestyle. To advise you on the right loan for you we must know you beyond the sheets of paper to be filled in, over your tax code and your personal data.

For example, the best financial product is different if you are a pensioner who asks for a loan for your health care expenses or for helping a grandchild to study or to make the first cruise of his life after decades of hard work. A loan for a car is different if the car is the only means of transport of a large family or if it is purchased only for the pleasure of having an off-road vehicle.

All information about you is important for us to better advise you, this information should not be included in the loan application sheets, but help us to propose the best solutions for you. Only you will decide what information about you to give us!

We help you to RIPAR ARE THE DAMAGES OF LIFE: unforeseen, health problems and work, requests for help from children and grandchildren are for everyone in the daily agenda and often the resolution costs : it is necessary to have the money to invest in a new project or to buy a new car after an accident or for health problems (an appliance for your child, new glasses for your parents).
We do not sell cars, nor furniture, nor are we dentists, we try only to give you the best possible tool that allows you to have the financial means to do as much as possible what you want.

The Right Remedy

THE RIGHT REMEDY FOR YOU: imagine having to go to the wedding of a relative of yours or a friend of yours, you need a beautiful dress, elegant and fashionable. Imagine also being able to spend for your robe (shoes and accessories included) everything you want and to be able to enter a boutique by itself. You can try a hundred clothes and match them with shoes, belts, ties, bags, jewels. Well! In the end you are a true splendor!
Now imagine entering the same boutique with a person who is a tailor by trade. Try your first dress. “Carino” tells you the tailor “But it’s a fault on your shoulders and the color is not right, it’s not good… try this” Enter the dressing room you change and wear the dress that your tailor has advised you. You look in the mirror. In 99% of the cases the tailor is right: you are much better with the dress that has advised you, but if you want you can also decide to buy what you had chosen.
We are the tailor of your loans and your loans!
We are agents in financial activities, credit professionals, which means that thanks to our work we know every aspect of a loan : the rate applied, the legislation and the rules, the debt insurances… all these professional knowledge allow us to give you the advice best.

Thanks to our experience we have solved the various problems that our customers have submitted to us, for example we have solved the financial problems of those who could not get to the end of the month for too many installments, or we managed to give a loan to those who work in small companies or we have realized the dream of an eighteen year old to go to study abroad helped by parents. We know various realities and scenarios of life of our customers that every time we personalize for every particular requirement of our customers.

Consultancy in the choice

Often there are various solutions to solve the problems of our customers: loans with multiple installments, loans with different interest rates, different amounts of credit. Once we have illustrated all the possible solutions, we try to understand together with the person what is the best way to go, not only at the moment, but also in the long term. We believe that the loan is a tool that should help people to cope financially with the solution of problems, unforeseen and / or the realization of dreams and that should not become a boomerang that in time gives problems, creating debt on debt and interest on interests.

No Over-indebtedness

It is not uncommon for us to come to people who can no longer cope with the installments of loans, loans, mortgages (for home or consolidation) lit only a few years earlier. Is it all the fault of the crisis? Of the closure of the company? They could not manage the money well?
In most cases the answer to all these questions is absolutely no!
The underlying problem was the mistake in the first financial product that was not tailored to that customer. Taking again the example of the tailor-made dress of a few lines above, it was not taken into account that the customer was a growing boy and therefore we would have expected that within a few years the dress would become short and tight! Or a beautiful silk dress was made for a mason. How can silk resist the wear and damage of a building site?
We believe that the loan should be chosen not only for today, but also for tomorrow, for the future and therefore should never become a burden on the budget of the worker or family.
The products we offer and all our estimates contain figures, the amount of installments for accuracy, which we believe can be paid every month without affecting too heavily the family budget. You can not put a mother in the position of having to choose between paying the installment of a loan or shopping for dinner!

Customer at the Center

For us you are important and we try to prove it not only with words, but also with facts. Customer satisfaction is essential for us.
When we have to make your estimate, we first think about the right financial product for you (the capital to be paid, the amount of the installment, the duration of the loan, the most convenient interest rate…) and based on what you ask we build funding proposals that can help you without giving you any side effects in the future.
We try to give you the widest possible choice so that you, with our professional advice, decide.
For any aspect of the operation, for any information and in case of doubts we are always at your disposal.

Sole Consultant

Our company policy is “a customer, a consultant”. This allows you to always talk to the same operator so you do not have to summarize the course of your practice every time to a different person.
Your personal consultant knows both you and your story that all aspects of your practice for this can quickly find all the answers and information and keeps you updated in real time on your process, from request to the provision of credit.


All agents in financial activity must take an exam certifying their knowledge on all aspects of a loan or a loan: all the national banking bodies such as the end-to-end knowledge company, privacy, the bureaucratic procedures to entertain relations with banks and obviously all legislative aspects concerning consumer credit.
Once passed this exam, the agent has the obligation to register with the OAM which is the Italian body that controls all the work of the credit counselor. Particular attention is given to the control of possible scams, this to prevent them as much as possible with an effective preventive vigilance.

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